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Yes yes YES! lol

I finally found a Community that loves The OC just as much as me!

Anyways, I recently got hooked on The OC (A couple of episodes back! Can you believe it took me THAT long to even watch the show?!) and I LOVE it...

I hope it's not bad to introduce yourself...
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if you need any information on the ones you missed, sexforshoes is the one who made the community and she knows everything. You should talk to her.
It is not bad at all to introduce yourself. You can say whatever you want on here, I dont mind.

Have fun!

oh yeah, and i have ALOT of the beginning episodes (almost all of them, minus one or two ^^)
COOL! Very cool... =D

Well, at least if I need any other info on the show, I can just ask all of you. =)